18 November 2008


#1 My new favorite design blog, This Young House, featuring a 2o-something duo from Virginia and their oh-so-bootiful house. For two young chippies, they've got it together. Don't let the unassuming exterior fool you. I highly recommend the house tour, here, and taking a peek at their wedding album, here. (It was in their freakin' back yard. HELLO!)
If you don't want to trust my recommendation alone, here is a sneak peak of their living room. Incredible, isn't it? They are thrifty, too. That is always something I can appreciate when decorating is concerned (or anything for that matter).

#2 My precious woolly mammoth. You may recognize it as a really old PC. I guess either is correct. I thought this would make you all laugh. This is where all the blogging magic happens. I know it is old and ginormous, but I gotta say, it holds a special place in my heart. It doesn't perform fancy functions, and it has Windows '98 (if that's even a version of Windows). What I'm trying to say is, it is older than dirt, but it was free. And when you stay-at-home with four kids, while your husband goes off to do his knuckle-grinding work; FREE is good, hell, it's GREAT! All good things come to those who wait.

#3 Speaking of good things, and waiting (I've waited a REALLY long time)...the third introduction is my fab new camera from my man. It was supposed to be our family Christmas present, but he gave it to me early, so I could take great holiday shots. He has been working hard and saving $ in the "mama don't know" fund for some time to get me the SLR of my dreams. Well, maybe, not my dreams, but one that we could afford. It is spectacular. No more broken shutter, no more blurry photos, no more pictures that look like we live on the face of the sun because the flippin' flash is messed up (who needs a flash anyway?), no more squeezing the battery door closed, basically, no more stupid old camera.

Word up!

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