16 November 2008

My Favorite Room (in my house, anyway)

This is Betsy's and Rosie's room. It is my favorite space in the house. Even though, it's teeny-weeny, it's bright and cheery, and fun. They seem to like it, too, which is most important.

I got the idea for the hand-painted letters from Cottage Living. I am blessed, in that I am somewhat artistic, and never afraid to try different things.

I am normally quite against "bed-in-a-bag", but saw this cute dot bedding from Target, and thought it would look splendid mixed & matched.

The armoire is really our old TV cabinet that we had a mirror cut to fit in the panel, and I added cork to the other side for a little
bulletin board.
The chandelier has been repainted several times, and was originally in Betsy's nursery, well worth $70.

The little birdie in the nest is from Pottery Barn Kids clearance rack and the little jeweled egg was made by my dear friend, Mrs. Lewis. I bought cheap $7 sheer panels from Target and sewed grosgrain ribbon loops at the top to look like the $50-a-panel Pottery Barn Kids ones. The globe on their vanity was my father-in-laws when he was a boy, and the brass beds came from Jake's grandparents'.

All in all, I was very pleased with how this room turned out. It is always deeply gratifying when you don't spend a lot of money, and it turns out looking just the way you envisioned.

I must also thank my husband, who so carefully measured the room to create a "grid" so I knew where to paint the letters so that it had the look of wallpaper. He is a mathematical genius, and should be working for NASA.

And always remember to ask yourself, "Can it be spray-painted, can I make it out of sheets, is it cheaper somewhere else, can I repurpose something I already have, but don't use?" Also, matching is different than coordinating; matching, bad, coordinating, good.

Well, I hope I have inspired someone, somewhere...

...and, yes, my 20-month-old sleeps in a big girl bed, and has since June, and no, she doesn't fall out. Although, she enjoyed crib climbing very much (and she was getting quite good at it), I didn't think it a safe pastime, and thus, transitioned her to the twin bed. And, yes, she still takes a daily 2-hour-nap, sleeps 9-10 hours nightly, and no, she does not climb out at will and run around like a meercat.


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