20 September 2011

getting by with a little help from friends...

I've blogged several times about friends I've made from blogging.  It's crazy to think I have friends scattered across the country that I've never even met in person.  With miles separating us, we still try to lend a hand to each other when we can.

Case in point...Crystal.  {I've mentioned Crystal and her amazing blog and etsy shop before. Both aptly named, 'Little Bit Funky'.}

To make what could be a long story short...Pete's 9th birthday is coming up.  To say he is Harry Potter obsessed is an understatement, specifically all things quidditch.  If you follow me on 'Instagram', you may have seen a snapshot of him making his terrifically unique handcrafted quidditch brooms.  We now have about 12.  OBSESSED! 

Anywho, all he's been asking for is a 'Chudley Canons' team quidditch robe.  Oi-vey!  I can sew a straight line.  I've read & followed a pattern one time.  Years ago.  This robe thing wasn't going to happen in my lifetime with my sewing skills. 

I sounded a cry a for help, and Crystal answered.  It's fair to say she probably wasn't thrilled, as a quidditch robe is made of satin, and I'm told {by several sources} that it SUCKS to work with satin.  She had to deal with 8 yards.  WOW! 

The end result is nothing short of amazing.  A dead ringer for a 'Chudley Cannons' robe.  It is even complete with the number Pete envisioned on his dream birthday present. 

I love, love, love giving gifts, but I'll have to say...I'm going to adore giving this to Pete.  He thinks it is impossible.  He's said so just about everyday.  He mentioned it at the bus stop this morning, in fact. 

To say he is going to go ape is an understatement.  If I remember to, I'll have to take a little video of him opening this, and share it with all of you.

So, yet another reason I think blogging and the interweb can be used in a positive way. 

Wouldn't you agree?

P.S.  A thousand times...THANK YOU, Crystal!  You are the BEST!

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