31 May 2011

Summer, summer, summer time...

summer sunset ]via my iPhone while on a run the other night

It's been like a whole week since I've blogged.  I'm not sure it will get any better now that summer is in full swing around here.  We are going to remain active and outdoors as much as possible.  With Six Flags passes and pool passes in our pockets, we may actually achieve our goal.

The gang on Betsy's kindergarten graduation day

This last week has been an exhausting one for sure.  We had to be on lock down at school pick up under threat of tornadoes,  Jake turned 10 {don't even get me started on that one}, Betsy had her last field trip as a kindergartener, Rosie slept over at my sister's house {twice}, Pete was...well, Pete, the cicadas are dive bombing us and piercing our ears with their chirping or whatever it is they do, and we wrapped it all up with a family BBQ.

Jakey's cake from his 'around-the-world' party made by my friend, Amy.
Thanks, Amy!

While I can make no promises in the blogging department during the summer months, I can promise you great stories/ideas/adventures here and there.  And in the fall, well, you may just be sick of me by December.  I'll be back tomorrow with some new music, and Thursday with some of our recent party details.

Happy Summer!

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