23 May 2011

Random randomness in bullets.

  • Thank you, Crystal for showing me the light, and by that, I mean 'cake batter rice krispie treats'.
  • Thank you, Trish for being concerned about us in Missouri.  Fortunately, we are hours away from the devastation.  What a heartbreaking tragedy.  Mother Nature knows no bounds.
image via MSNBC
  • I like engagement sessions.  Super fun!

  • I like to laugh.  Especially at Facebook.  I am its biggest fan and strongest opponent all at the same time.  Certain types of status updates are a favorite topic of conversation around here.

  • I cannot and will not stop listening to this song.  I love Johnny.  Love, love, love.

  • Last week of school means craziness.  Cuckoo, nuts, psycho.
  • That is all.

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