01 June 2011

Hump day ear candy.

Since I'm off to Wakarusa Music Festival early Saturday morning, I thought I'd share with you one of the Saturday performers.  Taking the stage after Mumford & Sons is Ben Harper.  He's pretty much amazing.  I read somewhere once that if you're a guy, and you're choosing between two girls to date, you should pick the one that prefers Ben over Lady Gaga because chances are she's quality.  I think that sums up is musical ability.

First, I'll give you one of my favorite songs of his, 'Skin Thin'.  Plus, the video is so great!  My sister says I always like depressing music.  I guess she's 1/3 right because I also love show tunes and anything that gets my toe tappin' or foot stompin'.

Second, I'll share with you a great cover he does of the INXS tune 'Never Tear Us Apart'.  Check out how he tears up his weissenborn.  Wow!

Another fav of mine...

I'll leave you with one of his vids with Jack Johnson.  They've done lots of stuff together.

Enjoy, my friends!

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