11 October 2010

The feelings inside...

This picture about sums it up.  I'm just holding on for this wild ride.  Laughing along the way.  Or, at the very least, trying to laugh.  It doesn't help that people who have survived a similar moving situation, say that a bagillion weeks later, it still sucks.


Alright, enough complaining.  I'm going to brush off my terrible attitude and chug smoothies spiked with positive vibes, and happiness.  I'm going to ride this semi-renovation train, hold on, and smile.



In other news, I was asked to guest blog on a blog that I adore by a blogger that ain't too shabby either.  I will not reveal where yet, but I've been working on the post already and it's completely ridiculous.  Just like I like it.

When it all goes down, I hope that you will agree that it's equal parts entertaining, insane, thoughtful, crazy, and 100% me.

Word to your mutha!

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