12 October 2010

New music.

As much as I tried to not listen to sweet Laura,
{after all, she is Marcus's girlfriend, and I thought we may have had a chance}
I can't help but be drawn in by her haunting, wise-beyond-her-years voice, 
and equally brilliant songwriting.

I refuse to believe she is only 20!

Of all of her beautifully written lyrics,
this one from 'Rambling Man' has struck a deep chord with me:
"It's hard to accept yourself as someone you don't desire,
as someone you don't want to be."

I could write 23 posts about that thought alone.
For today, I'll let the music speak for itself.

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  1. Wow, so glad that I stumbled across your blog! While I've never heard of her before today, I know I'll be looking for more of her music! Great stuff!


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