06 October 2010

It's been a week.

moving at twilight

And, you probably haven't noticed.  It's okay.

Aside from being surrounded by boxes, 1960s tile, and dark brown paneling, I haven't had much time for the blogosphere.  Only yesterday was I able to catch up on my Google reader.  Sad.

Needless to say, there isn't much to report, unless you want to see that tile or paneling.

I do have one semi-noteworthy story: our dog, Chopper, escaped on Sunday (which, incidentally, was Petey's 8th birthday, post coming soon).

The deal is, he had to go to doggy jail until we could procure his shot records.  Uh, sh'yeah, let me look for those in our gagillion boxes!  And, since it was Sunday, no dice on getting the vet to fax a copy over.  But, the nice lady at doggy jail took our word and the fact that we brought in his insulin prescription as proof that we get our dog veterinarian care.

I guess moving is a tough adjustment on everyone.  We decided that he was trying to run back to the old house.  Sigh.

Hope to 'see' you back here sooner than later, but I have to psyche myself up to deep clean the 1960s tile until the hardwood gets laid.  That might put me out of commission for awhile.

See ya when I see ya.

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  1. hang in there girl!! I'm right there with you!! - actually, that would make it a whole lot more fun!
    and oh the boxes!!! are you as tempted as me to just throw everything out!??! (IF I had the $ to replace everything of course!)


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