05 June 2010

It's a girl, a girl, & a boy...I think.

The stork brought us a surprise.
Triplets, no less.
l to r: Jane, Annie, and Ike

They are right outside Big Jake's and my bedroom window.
And, when they're hungry...boy, oh boy, do they let you know it.

Jane is the shy one.
So, when she came out all bright eyed & bushy tailed,
I had to snap away.
Aside from the fact that I don't have feathers,
and my bones aren't hollow,
I think she confuses me with her real momma.

This is 'real momma'.
She knew they were hungry.
So, she waited patiently for me to quit shoving my camera
in her sweet brood's faces.
At one point,
I, actually, think I heard her sigh.
Amazing, I know.

Nature & regurgitation hard at work.
Those littles go crazy when it's time to eat.

Then, they sleep.
Like, immediately after eating.
I've never seen anything like it.
It's like the equivalent of a human baby's breastfeeding 'high'.
Little narcoleptic chicks.
They are so happy and full,
they are overcome with sleep.
Baby bird bliss.

Night-night, my sweet babies.
See you tomorrow.
Not much longer, now,
and you'll be leaving the nest.

Now, it's my turn to sigh.


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