06 June 2010

The photography journey continues: editing

Straight out of the camera.
It's okay.

Still not super pleased. 
I should have adjusted the opacity of the eyes a bit more.
It was at 45% and I think 30% would have been much better.
Also, I didn't remove Rosie's uni-brow.
Some photos I like it because I want to remember what it looked like.
Betsy's has already just about all fallen out, so, I'm sure her's will, too.
{Yes, both of my GIRLS had/have kickin' uni-brows,
and, no, I have no idea where they got them from.  Seriously.}
I also left the remnants of her right black eye.
Oh, the memories youngins provide.

The point is, I'm getting there.
A little more each day.
I am so excited.
Photography is like my happy pill.
Only, it's not a pill, and you don't need a doctor's supervision.

If anyone would like to come along on my journey,
I'd be happy to have you.
I would love to see some of your edits,
tips, tricks, secrets.
Slap a link in the comments or email me.
Even if you jacked your photo all up
{like the eyes in this photo}.

Well, I'm out.
Happy Sunday!


  1. You got it girl. Love the edited verison. Her eyes are awesome, turned out pretty good it you ask me.

  2. I'd love to join you on your journey...I bought a Canon DSLR last year and slowly I am learning too. Here's a photo tip, orignally from another photographer...he told me to include more of the background so you have more to play with for editing. (ie.wall, ocean..hope this makes sense). Anyway, I love how your making your dreams come true!


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