23 June 2010

Honey do.

Dearest Husband,

As if you don't do enough around here, with your stellar laundry-putting-away abilities, your constant overseeing of basement clean-up, strict management of the boys' showers, your quick and thorough approach to dinner clean-up, and general love of and doting on all of us, plus all the other things I forgot or don't want to mention because I don't want people to try and steal my personal super-hero away from me for their own use, could you {purdy} please do the following:

1. Get all of our old pictures of of that dinosaur of a computer in the basement.
2. Help me make a new tree swing.
3. Fashion me an incredible {is your handiwork anything but} bench for the front porch that has hidden storage underneath for muddy shoes and cleats.
4. Get all of the dead bug guts off of the front of the van so it's swagger can be properly restored.

That is all.

Carry on!

Forever yours in love & service,

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  1. Can I add a few things on there for him to do???
    -Mrs. Lewis


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