21 June 2010

Jump. I dare you.

That's Lil' Jake on the zip line at Trout Lodge.
It's one of the MANY activities they offer.
He truly amazes me.
He just climbed up, and jumped off.
That was that.
No fear.
I wish I could bottle that courage up.
I'd be a millionaire.

Pete wasn't old enough for the zip this year.
Alas, he found a way to get his adventure on.
He did Pines Peak.
A really high, tough climbing wall.
Amazed again.
He just shimmied on up and repelled back down.
There is nothing like them!
Their energy and zest make it look so easy.

I wish I could say it went the same for Big Jake.
He had a tougher time.
Age and strength were not on his side this day.
Poor guy.
Rest assured, he will begin training for next year soon enough.

Happy day, all!

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