24 June 2010

Girls vs. Boys

Girls are very different from boys, indeed.

Having had my 2 boys first in the Grebe line-up, I've had the unique opportunity to observe both sexes separately for an extended & isolated period of time.

Currently, a couple of things are standing out to me about the girls at the ages they are.

1.  Little girls have opinions about what they wear.

That alone could be a 3 part post.

It is exhausting.

All I will say on the subject is this: I don't understand what the big, life altering difference is between a pink t-shirt with satin trim and one without.  But, whatever it is, it seems to affect the whole mood of, not only the ensemble, but the child wearing the ensemble.

Thank you, Rosie, for teaching me that lesson.

2. Girls like 'stuff'.

My boys collect bits of 'stuff' here and there and keep their 'stuff' in special places and old cigar boxes, but the girls' love of 'stuff' is something else entirely.

For Rosie, 'stuff' includes, but is not limited to; costume jewelry, chap sticks, purses, dress-up shoes, pens, keys, business cards, calculators, wallets, blank check registers, finger nail clippers, head bands, crowns, magazines, old receipts {tickets to her, tickets to what, I'm not too sure}.

For Betsy, 'stuff' includes, but is not limited to; gloves of any kind {although she has a special hankering for the surgical variety}, baggies of all shapes and sizes, playing cards, post-it notes, reusable shopping totes, pens/pencils, tissues or paper towels, belts, binkies, a certain Dora book.

This 'stuff', either in part or whole {depending on Mommy's mood}, seems to follow us wherever we go.  Outside, in the car, Target, grocery shopping, the pool, on the school bus, backpacks, Grandma's & Grandpa's house...you name it.

It's, seriously, going to send me to the loony bin.

Someone with older girls, please tell me this stops.  Or lessens.

I don't remember having this passion myself.

Mom, did I?

Did any of you?

***Next up, the boys.  :)***


  1. beth, this made me crack up! it's so true.
    my girl is 7 and still carries around "stuff."

  2. i like ro's butt cheek hangin' out.

  3. I would LIKE to tell you it changes...as of age 12 it hasn't! :)
    LOVE your new "blog look"!

  4. No it never changes... the girls are almost 13 and we always have stuff. I still call my two bag ladies!!!



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