31 May 2010

The trip.

Jake & I ventured to Louisville, Kentucky for a little getaway.

The Swell Season played The Brown Theatre in downtown Louisville on Saturday night.

Thursday we celebrate 10 years of marriage.

Everything just sort of fell into place and felt right.

So, we went.

What a sweet surprise from the old man!

We saw Big Boy in Indiana.

We stayed in a super cool hotel.
We were surrounded by incredible modern art,
including this interactive art installation by the elevators.

The 'big bat' was a couple of blocks down from our hotel.
We didn't tour the Louisville Slugger museum/factory, 
but we did stop in and get the kids some fun souvenirs. 

I, somewhat, successfully gave Jake a crash course in the manual photography trifecta...
ISO, shutter speed, and aperture.
He did pretty darn good for a 15 minute lesson.

Let me caption this photo like this:
We are NOT champagne & strawberries kind of people.
Jake ordered this to surprise me, 
and we laughed the whole time we drank and nibbled.
Then did stupid stuff like this...

This is Jake in a hotel robe, with champagne,
making pretend million dollar deals on the phone.
VIP in full effect.

Are we the only thirty-somethings that do stupid stuff like this?
I sure hope not, because, man-oh-man, we have some fun.

Then, dinner, and off to see the other man in my life...

They did a cover of 'Gold' by Interference,
It was a-maz-ing!!!

It was such a great 30 hours!

I love that man...Jake isn't so bad, either!  Wink, wink.


  1. speak for your self, i am a champagne kind of guy, i think i might have a glass with breakfast every day, just to honor ottmar!

  2. jake actually said, not the beautiful beth!

  3. oh, stop...sometimes you make ugly faces when you drink it.
    ps stop hacking my google account. :)

  4. I L-O-V-E that picture of you. It's amazing.


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