01 June 2010


This summer, I'm gonna try and chill.

Starting with,
SLOWLY giving the blog a little make-over.
Teaching myself along the way.
I've decided simpler is better.
Bigger photos, less other 'stuff'.

We'll be playing more,
which means less time for me on the world wide web.
I'll still try and post every day.
Hopefully, before everyone wakes up.
Minus Betsy.
She likes to get up at 5:30 or so.
Although, I'd like to run before everyone wakes up, too,
and, obviously, before Jake leaves for work.
So, we'll see.

I think I've spread myself too thin already.
I really need to find the balance.

Today's plan...
homemade sno-cones,
blow-up pools,
hot dogs,
sidewalk paint.

No big pool, yet.
I have a kickin' summer cold,
and do not have the energy to take 4 kids by my lonesome.

Here's to beautiful summer days!

Oh, and I know some of you email me, and since my 'contact' is currently disabled...
here you go:

The link bar is my first project.
Hopefully, it will be restored soon.

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