28 May 2010

School's out for summer...

I got some great ideas for 'year-end' teacher gifts from here. {eighteen25 blog}

I wish I had some great summer time activities to do with the kids, too.

They'd have to appeal to a 9, 7, 5, and 3-year-old. 

That's tough.

Aside from a couple of summer enrichment classes
{Jake is taking CSI & kickball, Pete; golfing & cooking},
and the pool...we are kickin' it old school:

sidewalk chalk, water balloons, bikes, sprinklers, paint, the ice cream truck, BBQs, books, fun.

On a side note...I think the photos are grainy because I just noticed my ISO was on 1600 from last night. 


I'm always a work in progress.


  1. Such cute idea for teachers gifts. I two have 4 kids and one very special girl also my third. Your blog is very cute I'll be back. I'm your new follower.

    Love the teachers gifts with 4 seems there are many too buy. I think our kids are close in age my first just turned 10, 8 then 5 and 1. I'm looking forward to reading your blog

  2. Sherry, you will love it her blog, and husband are both amazing!


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