16 April 2010

'Haute' Time-Suck.

Okay, so I had a totally different post in mind for today, but I really wanted to share something with you.

I just found out about this new website called "HauteLook".  It's 'members' only, tres exclusive, but you can shop and buy just by following this link:  http://www.hautelook.com/invite/BGrebe818 .  Pretty exclusive, huh? {Said dripping with sarcasm}

Anywho, they have FANTASTIC deals on clothes for the whole family, toys, beauty products, and home items.  The designers/brands change often and new events are introduced frequently.

Here's a few of my current favs:

Jeffan Adam Square Lighted Outdoor Stool: $190.50 (but that's 60% off!)

These are just a few of the deals you can score.  There are soooo many more!  The kids clothes and toys are super deals!  Check it out, but prepared to devote some time.  It will suck you in!

You've been warned!


  1. Beth,
    Yes it's a time suck but ohhhhh who doesn't love a good deal! :) Your Husband will hate me! :)

  2. Fun stuff! I love that game and that skirt is TO DIE FOR!


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