14 April 2010


Recently, Pete was nominated for the gifted program at school.  I will admit that I was pretty darn happy.  I, too, was in the very same program, and it was so fun & challenging. 

After a couple of days of testing, they found that not only is he gifted, he's beyond gifted (whatever that means).  The program coordinator was giddy with excitement when she went over the results with me. They want him to switch schools, so he can unleash his potential.  Yikes!  It was a lot to process. 

To say I was proud isn't quite the best way to describe it.  I mean, he didn't work towards this end.  His IQ will be high whether or not he graduates Magna Cum-Laude from Harvard or if he chooses to be a construction worker, or chef, or house painter.  Does that make sense?  He was made that way.  It just 'is'. 

Honestly, I'm not sure what I feel.  I'm happy for him because he thinks it's great, even though, he doesn't grasp what this means for him, yet.  I want to give him the reins on this one, and let him reach his own decision.  Such responsibility at age 7. 

The bottom line is this:
Betsy's IQ is about 60, Pete's is 147.  And, it doesn't mean anything.  Not a thing.  They are both hilarious, hardworking, and accomplished in their own right.  I love them both the same. 

Although, I do have to remind myself that along with the likes of Albert Einstein, Leonardo DaVinci, & Mozart stood Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, & Ted Kaczynski. 

Hmmmmm...something to think about. 

Maybe we should allow him how to hone his mind.


  1. I agree! On one hand, its flattering to know your child has such a gifted IQ! But you are right, its just a number. There's so much more to being a kid than just being smart. But I think you are raising happy, well-rounded kids no matter what the tests say. THAT is something to be proud about!

  2. Thanks for this post...helped put things in perspective.


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