02 April 2010

Dough & downstairs.

This is one of my new favorite things.
It's pizza dough from Trader Joe's, and it is awesome!
Not only does it taste good,
but it's very versatile.
You can use it to make rolls, breadsticks, calzones, bread.
If you brush a bit of honey on it after you roll it out for pizza, it's so yummy!
It's all natural, too.
Best part...
it's $.99 a bag!!!
I highly recommend picking up a bag.
AND, the kettle corn in the pink & white striped bag.
$1.99, 4 ingredients, A+.

Also, I've posted lots of photos of the basement.
It still needs some finish work, but I figured it's about time.
You can take a look right here.

Have a great Easter weekend!
Hope you all get lots of eggs in your basket {but mostly chocolate}!


  1. I love the basement. So bold and colorful!
    I would love a tutorial on your mossy G...hint hint.:)
    Happy Easter!!

  2. i love the new addition to the basement shelf. could i have it now? i have the perfect place for it in my living room;-)


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