03 April 2010

$50 makeover, I think.

Nice, but dark.
I wanted to lighten up.
You know, have my surroundings work their magic on my insides.


Alrighty, here's the $50 breakdown...

hand-me-down yellow & white sheers (thanks, sissy): $0
quart of yellow Martha Stewart paint: $12
yellow/turquoise spraypaint: $12
assorted fabric: $20
Goodwill child's chair: $9
Goodwill ceramic owl: $3
faux sheepskin: $5
Target plates: $10.20
Homegoods pillow: $5

TOTAL:  $76.20

I totally lied.
It was the $76 makeover.
My bad.
Told ya I make up all of my numbers.
But, I also got projects done in the living room,
hallway, and kitchen.
So, let's figure it like this...
$76 divided by 3 rooms
comes to approximately $25.33.
Not bad.
Not bad tat'all.
Bright & cheery.


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