31 March 2010

Pretty branch tutorial.

I love these kitty willow branches from Betz White.
I refuse to call them what they really are because I hate that word.
Even if it is in reference to felines or vegetation.
A bit childish, I know.
Unfortunately, I'm not a big felter,
so making them similar to the original was out of the question for me.
Alas, what's a girl to do?
Oh, I know...
1. buy a bag of poms for $.99
2. spray paint the poms in the desired shade(s)
3. grab a glue gun
4. go to town

A splash of spring color!
Quick and easy, too.


  1. and totally off the fabulous chart!!! LOVE it!
    Happy Easter!

  2. before i even read the description, i was going to ask if those were one of my faaaavorite things, but then i didn't feeeeeeeel soooo baaaad!! poms remind me of youuuu know what!!! :) loved your post about bets. you are a stong mommasita and will get through it, i just know it! :) love you.

  3. brilliant. love it. I too hate that word. and the other word that starts with m and is a synonym for damp. eww. loving all of the yellow and feeling the urge to spray paint some sunshine.


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