17 March 2010


I'm pissed off...

Yes. I just said that.

Yesterday, Pete started bleeding from the head.  Blood everywhere.  He was freaking out, Jake was crying because he was responsible.  It was a typical Grebe mess.  I asked what happened so I could get a handle on the situation and Jake said that he threw a chopstick at Pete. 

A chopstick?  Seriously?

Only in our house.

photo of the actual kind of chopstick which was thrown
which, if you're in the market for kids' chopsticks,  I highly recommend purchasing these

Then, to make matters worse, once things calmed down, naturally, I read an article the 'The New York Times' published about 'mommy bloggers' that made me want to spit nails.   Which I wish I could do but, alas, I can't, so I just cursed a lot using internal dialogue only.  Worse than a sailor.  Did you all know I have a muddy mouth?  Having kids made it real tough for me and my oral cavity.  It took a lot of cranial retraining.  But, I think I censor quite well now.  Anywho, while lately I've been struggling with what fuels my own blogging desires, I felt disappointed to read such chiding words. 

Blogging for my own self worth has never been a motivator for me.  I'm not a very insecure person.  Particularly in certain areas, and I certainly don't need people patting me on my back for painting a dresser with a faux finish or a posse telling me how incredible my homemade pillow cases are.  I was fine before I blogged in that department, and I'll survive the day after I decide to hang up my blogging hat. 

I don't ignore my kids (unless they're on my last ever loving nerve) or the housework (except when I'd rather eat chocolate and watch my stories) or the dog (except when he escapes out the front door and I wish he'd really just run away because he is so freaking high maintenance).  By the way, I'm totally kidding. I'm not sure how many times I have to say it, but it takes a max of 20 min. for me to post.  Apparently I can't say it enough.  In fact, since blogging I feel more motivated than ever to get my crap together.  To do more, create more, share more. 

funny, no?

I'm not trying to market myself or increase my search engine optimization.  I don't do it for freebies because, well, frankly I've never been offered any.  I don't do it becasue I think my kids are so cute the world would cease spinning on it's axis if they weren't shared or exploited.  I don't do it because I think my ideas are the best or my house the prettiest.  Believe you me...I know plenty of people in the blogosphere with far more outstanding ideas and much more stunning homes.

I mean, doesn't everyone that chooses to do certain things well or hone their particular craft do it to to get some sort of self-satisfaction.  Is that wrong?  We are all guilty of seeking the approval of others in some capactiy.  If that weren't the case, no one would strive to do anything to the best of their ability.  It seems like a debate that ends no better than a dog chasing his tail.  It could go on and on and on with no real winner.  Except let's face it...I think that tail outsmarts that dog any day.

I like to write and I like the resulting 'therapy' I seem to get from it, I like to make people laugh, or to inspire, or to get people think beyond what they're making for dinner or even to help them figure out what TO make for dinner.

Do I like to read blogs with meaty, sink-your-teeth-into-it, profound writing?  Yes.  Do I like to read blogs with tutorials on how to put pockets in dresses?  You bet'yer @$$.  Is one less important than the other?  Absolutely not. 

It really can't be explained.  Blogs/blogging...you either get it our you don't.  It's really that simple.

If you don't get it. I'm not sure why some of you continue to read or leave nasty comments or judge.  In that case, you're no better than what you seem to hate.  Munch on that.

So, if you know me personally in the UNvirtual world, you may want to turn right around and find something else to read (although, I wish you'd hang around with an open mind). I have a tendency to unintentionally blow the minds of those handful of people in the worst possible way.  I would suggest 'The NYT'  but, well ...


  1. Amen, sister I agree. I totally with you on that on. That article is crazy..

  2. I read that article. And then I immediately thought: "well, those morons haven't read Beth's..."

  3. Yua are pretty cool though!

  4. I wanted to tell you how much I love reading your blog! You are clever and make me feel like I'm sitting talking to an awesome mommy at the park while we watch the kiddos play. Your house is amazing!!! Wish I had the creativity you have. Thanks for making me feel like I have an ally out there somewhere in the bloggosphere... Keep doing what you're doing. If it means anything, I am a mom of 3 kids under the age of 4 and your posts sometimes make me laugh out loud. That is a rare thing... You are touching lives. -Amy


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