18 March 2010

Beasts & Black and Whites

First off, have I ever told you how craptastic our washer and dryer are?

Like, you-have-to-run-the-dryer-2-or-3-times kind of craptastic.

I hate laundry enough as it is. 

I don't need that shniz in my life.

Enter the new Grebe twins...
We're talking 5.0 cubic feet in the washer and an amazing 7.3 cubic feet in the dryer that has a steam option.

No more wrinkly clothes.

They're not the prettiest ones out there...originally, I wanted front loaders (except everyone I know that has them aren't huge fans).  But, they are beasts.  Beasts I tell you.



I took a bazillion photos at the Dogtown Saint Patrick's Day Parade yesterday. 

St.Pat's is craaaaaaazy in Saint Louis.  Craaaazaaazy, I tell you.  Craaaazzzzzyyy!

What was I going to tell you...?

Oh, yeah, the photos.

So, I took about 3,234,298 pictures, but this one is BY FAR my favorite.

Pete, Jake, and my nephew, Sam

By the way, I've successfully made it to day 4 of Spring Break.

I think we'll park it up today with the 65 degree temps, and library on Friday.

Because the snow is coming this weekend.


I {heart} mid-west weather.  It's a surprise everyday.


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