19 March 2010

A needless tutorial.

I have long since been attracted to open kitchen shelving.

Talk about forcing yourself to minimize and organize. 

Everything I've ever read seems to elude to how easy it is to convert your existing cabinetry into open shelving.  But, I've never really seen a tutorial.

I started this adventure to create my own tutorial, but after having done it myself, I now know why there aren't many detailed tutorials. 

Because it's really a mindless maneuver.

But, since I already took the photos...

Stock it up!

See what I mean?

It really wasn't brain surgery or rocket science.

You DO have to fill any exposed holes with some wood filler.  That might be tough.  NOT.

Hopefully, you'll get rid of a ton of crapola like I did.  It was quite liberating.

My breastpump was in there for goodness sakes.  Maybe I thought I'd need it again.  Who knows?

I did get a little weepy when I pitched it.

But, I'm psycho like that.  Some people would say overly sentimental.  I say psycho.

P.S. I apologize for having made you dumber for reading this post.


  1. I LOVE the cabinet... that's like my exact favorite color!

  2. You did this with all Four kids home? Beth, you rock. Kim J.

  3. I am glad I wasn't home for this one!

  4. i love it, however I want to know where all the extra stuff went??????? Love ya, Mrs. Lewis


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