12 January 2010

Riddle me this...

Q:  Why did my oldest eat just about every vegetable in existance since infancy, and then one day...bam...he became uber picky?  And, now, the youngest is following suit, even though they're exposed to many vegetables?  (I'm not going to lie, it's always been a dream of mine to raise foodies.)

Q:  Why is it when you have to take more than half of your offspring to the grocery store, you always, ALWAYS leave without something you need or with something you didn't?

Q:  Why is it that after you spend a great portion of the day cooking a big, wonderful meal for the loves of your life is everyone in one of those, 'I'm not hungry' kind of moods?

Q:  Why is it when you DVR your favorite show and settle down to watch it after all the kiddies are in bed, do one of them inevitably wake up with a fever or better yet puke all over?

Q:  Why, after all this (and more) do I love these little pain-in-the-rumpuses so darn much?

Do you have any unanswerable riddles?  I'd love to hear them...

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