11 January 2010

Change of plans.

Sometimes,  if you embrace a change in your plan, it works out for the better. 

Originally, I was taking the girls to Chicago for Rosie's 3rd birthday to do the whole 'American Girl' thing.  My sister and niece were going to join us, too.  After careful consideration, I decided to scratch that idea.  It would end up costing around $500, and I just want to be able to do it when they will actually remember it.  That, and, I don't feel like walking the streets of Chi-town in subzero temps with 2 little ones, one of which, is still a bit on the slow end. 

Okay, so...we are doing the at-home-party thing.   Just some girls and some fun thrown in for good measure. 

me: Hey, Ro, what kind of birthday party do you want?

Rosie:  Pink!

me:  M'kay...what else?

Rosie:  Pink with tutus!

me:  (sigh, not being a girly-girl myself)  M'kay...anything else?  {throw me a bone, here, Ro}

Rosie:  A Spongebob tutu party...with pink...and cake. 


I'm not sure where I'll go with that, but I already found some invites from Tiny*Prints that I'll order today. I figure I'll stitch on a strip of pink tulle across his pant line to look like a tutu.   The 3D effect will be all kinds of cuteness.  The menu will definitely have 'krabby patties' (mini burgers), sweet potato fries, and, of course, cake.  Also, I've scoured Etsy and have plenty of other ideas in store.  With only a handful of girls on the guest list I can go nuts with favors, too.  Yipee!

close up of invitation detail, invititation form Tiny*Prints

I know these are not life-altering plan changes (or ones even I'll care about anymore in 6 weeks time), but I was really stuggling with whether or not to do the Chicago thing, and I am so glad she is so estatic about her pink Spongebob tutu party.   Honestly, I'm thinking I'm pretty blessed that this is all I have to worry myself about these days. 

row 1 from left: cake Art EatsBakery, birthday crown Better Than Normal,  mini burgers The Dead Poet
row2 from left: bow Lanie Bug Bowtique, pink lemonade tutu Hannah's Tutus, necklace PWS Desings
row 3 from left: pink gift boxes Martha Stewart, magnet clips Bippity Boppity Glue, tissue poms Cococupcakes 

Oh, that, and the fact that our dog just got diagnosed with diabetes.  Seriously?!?!  Add 2 insulin shots a day to my repertoire.  Because I really need something else, right?  (But, we are super happy he's going to be okay, because he's only 6, and we lurv him. Thanks, JC.  You answered our prayers.)

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