13 January 2010

And a shot rang out.

That is the man.
He's the best salt-n-peppery son with fur a girl could ask for.
he is high maintenance.
He didn't used to be.
It's only been the last week or so.
Because, you see, he has diabetes.
You heard right.
Who knew?
He had been acting increasingly miserable for a few weeks.
Fast forward to vet appointment, and BAM!
The big diagnosis. 
His blood sugar was almost 8 times the normal limit.
Poor guy!
I am smart enough to know that dogs are, indeed, not humans.
However, with pet ownership comes some serious responsibilities.
I'm not as quick on my feet with his care as I used to be.
My four little humans deplete most of my energy.
But, we finally got him to see the doc, and we have him on the rode to recovery.
Dog diabetes means 2 insulin shots a day, after doggy mealtime.
And, yes, you have to pick up the insulin at a human pharmacy.
That's just wacky.
So, now we're talkin' shots.
Who knew I'd be giving my dog shots?
He hasn't flinched, yet, but I sure have.
Good news is, after less than a week, I'm an old pro.
The upside of all of this...
that we will, with any luck, have another fun-filled 6+ years with our 6 1/2 year old boy.
Chopper, you have accomplished what I thought to be impossible.
You are officially a bigger pain-in-the-@$$ than your human siblings.
And, just like them, we love you to bits.

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