08 January 2010

My favorite things on this 0 degree Friday.


I mean, c'mon...it's like a train wreck.  I dare you to look away.  Here's the part that has me stumped...I love them.  Sure they're dysfuntional, binge drinkers with big crunchy hair.  And, no, I haven't heard mouths that dirty in my almost 32 years.  And, yes, their fashion sense is lacking a certain je ne sais quoi.  But there is something entirely endearing about the lot of them. 


Sure, we all wished these groups really cured cancer, or ended world hunger.  But, they don't.  Chances are they never will.  But, it's fun, and harmless, and they're probably so popular because aside from joining or becoming a fan, it doesn't require a monetary contribution or any more follow-up work on your part.  If only we all took it a step further, maybe we could help cure cancer or make a dent in world hunger.  I think I'm going to start an "I'm passive aggressive" group on Facebook.  Anyone want to join? 

Incidentally, my two new favorite groups today...
"Where in the hell are Max & Ruby's parents?"
"Why is Caillou 4 and still bald?"


Finding this x-ray of Pete's innards from back in 2006.  It really made me laugh.

When he was 4, Pete swallowd a military style button.  Good times.  At least, the x-ray tech had a good laugh.  Seriously, this could have been BAD.  He was coughing blood, and it was scary.  Don't even get me started on the fact that my husband INSISTED on recovering this button post digestion.  Ironically, I've never seen it before it had journeyed through my son's intestines, but it did have a small letter 'p' engraved on it.  Crazy, huh?


The fact that I married a man who is more of a sucker for romantic comedies than me.  And, teeny bopper movies.  I could do without the teeny bopper movies, but I do love a good romantic comedy.  AND Amy Adams, and Matthew Goode even more.  Yum! 

Anywho, we're going on a date tonight to see 'Leap Year'.  A romance filmed in Ireland starring those two lovely people?  Yes, please.  Am I the only one who loves 'The Matchmaker''P.S. I Love You', and 'Once'?   Ahhhh, the Emerald Isle. 


This photo.  For lots of reasons.  Aside from the fact that it's of my dear, sweet, spit-fire, Rosie, it's a really good photo.  No, I did not take it.  I wish.  The lovely & talented Brenda Shelton did.

What do I love the most about it? 

How her darling beauty mark above her lip pops, AND the fact that Rosie's kickin' Bert uni-brow was totally photoshopped out.  It makes me laugh every time I see it.  Every.  Time. 

Happy snow day numero dos to us and happy weekend to you!


  1. Amy Verkamp-McArthyJanuary 8, 2010 at 12:11 PM

    I'm a big fan of Facebook groups. In fact, I just joined "Pull Your Pants Up, You Look Like an Idiot."

  2. LOLOL .. I love Rosie's photo-shopped photo! I'm totally having an Ireland in the movie theater date night..... you-betcha!

    I found you via the Kidz blog, I'm going around adding everyone to my blog roll :) I feel parents like us can always use more support :)

  3. gotta love Mike "The Situation" :).

    And Rosie's photo - GORGEOUS!

  4. I have always wondered where Max & Ruby's parents were ! Cailliou was always to whiney to watch for me. I live in NJ and met my husband in the glorious Seaside in 1986 ! When we were younger Seaside was for 18 year olds - all of the drinking age kids went to Belmar. I watch the show and find the cast entertaining as they are pure entertainment!


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