07 January 2010

What we woke up to in the Lou.

I am so happy I got some photos before the plows whizzed through, and the kids trampled it to death. 

It really is so pretty. 

(Do you sense a 'but' coming?)

(Isn't there always a 'but(t)' on this blog? In more ways than one I'd say!)


Saint Louis, what is wrong with you?  Really? 

It's 5 inches of snow. 

They were referring to it as a 'winter blast' on the news last night. 

C'mon.  Hardly.

We get snow every winter.  This is nothing new.

You would think we've never seen it, and don't know what a plow and a salt truck are.

Why does this city shut down when it gets a dusting of  this white frozen stuff? 

Have we forgotten that many parts of the county looked like this recently?

I mean, seriously, that's my bloggy friend's yard in the east. 

(BTW, Crystal, I heart your ingenious use of the Fiskars rotary cutting guide.  Nice.)

Don't believe me that this city is in a state of utter panic?

Below is a photo my Facebook friend, Erica, took of the bread aisle at a local grocery store last night.

I have no words.

Actually, I do, but I wanna wrap this up. 

Because I could go on and on and on about that one.

Moral of this story:

I love the Lou, but honestly, get over it.

It's five inches.

It will be gone by Monday.

Enjoy it while it's here, and put your sheer terror and panic on the back burner.

Thank you!

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