04 January 2010

Curling up with a good book.

First off, I would like to apologize to Jill, my beautiful, slightly older, much shorter, sister, whom I love dearly. 
For on this particular topic, we will never agree. 


Okay, alrighty then...
shall we begin?

I have a real problem with these new electronic book readers.
The Kindle, the E-Book, or whatever.
Sure, they make sense.
They're economical in the long run, they'll reduce your carbon footprint,
they're small and convenient, they can store a gagillion books, newpapers, magazines.
Blah, blah, blah.
I get it.

I love books.
Real ones.
Ones you can hold in your hand,
and smell,
and write in,
and highlight,
and stack on a shelf.
All kinds.
smutty romance,

I'm gonna put these electronic book readers on my
technology con list. 
They're just too much for me.

Call me crazy, but...
I wanna curl up with a bound block of paper,
not cold plastic and metal.

And, please,
as always,
feel free to disagree.


  1. i agree...as weird as it may sound...i love how books smell...it would be sad if that went away forever. :)

  2. oh no, i totally agree. i don't like a lot of clutter but i love to collect books. i go to the library every single week!
    books are one of my favorite sources of inspiration!:)
    REAL books...

  3. I agree! There is nothing better than opening a new book!
    Also, I love libraries and really enjoy exploring ones that I have never been to.

  4. What about keeping both, e-books and paper books?
    One can choose his/her way of reading.
    In my opinion they will go the parallel in the near future. The same as movies in cinemas and on DVDs.
    Best wishes in 2010,

  5. totally agree! I like holding them in my hand and I like the way they look on a shelf with bunches of others- beautiful.

  6. Sorry I got interrupted- so I have to leave 2 comments instead of one. Plus, they are wonderful momentos of time well spent :0)!

  7. ok, i am jill, the older, shorter, much cuter sister.;) anyway, i love, love, love, my books, the one's i wanna read over and over again. actually, those books are kinda taking over my life. i have them crammed everywhere! i love my sony reader too! it's so easy to transport. i can eat my cereal and read a "book" hands free. i NEVER loose my page! and, tonight, at almost nine when i am ready for book 6 of the series i am currently on i just download it from the ebooks site and voila! book six is ready to go!

  8. so there bethy!

  9. i hate you and love you all at the same time. weird.
    ps your books are not taking over. i go to your house all the time. you THINK they are, but they're not. ;)


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