20 January 2010

a day in my life.

I've begun the weekly menus. 
(An item from my 'list'.)
And, in true Grebe fashion, our week will begin on Wednesday.
I mean, why not?
The more confusing, the better around here.
Do you like my menu plan?
I think it has a certain je ne sais quoi.
I am sure it makes NO sense to you,
but to me it couldn't be more clear.
Personally, my favortie part is the random machine stitch down the middle.
It does have someting to do with what else I did yesterday.
But, when I see it there it makes me laugh.
So random.

When I got back from the grocery store
(from purchasing items for the weekly menu),
I came home to a cleaned out and oraganized pantry.
Sure, it's full to the brim and cramped, but everything is in it's place.
That's what you call one awesome, fantabulous husband.
Such a typical gesture from him.
What a blessed gift he is.

I whipped up this super sweet birthday banner for Rosie in 30 minutes.
I think it's super cute.
Bonus: it cost approx. $2.50.
I am loving this Spongebob pink tutu party business.
Pink and yellow is a very underrated color combo.

It was my first time sewing paper.
Are you understanding the stitch down the menu plan, now?
I will definitely tweek some things the next go round.
But, overall, I think it turned out fabo.

The girls and I, also, went to Target & Hobby Lobby in the morning.
Don't get me started on their sticky fingers.
I think there were 6,783 extra items in my cart at both places by the time we made it to the checkout.
For reals.
At one point, Betsy had 6 pairs of the exact same shorts in the cart.
How did I miss that?
Do I love putting everything back?

Ahhhh, a day in my life.

if you want to check out some of my writing from a not so happy day in my life...
go here.
I hope you find the positive in it,
and find it uplifting.
Because I felt soooo much better after having written it.

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  1. That banner is AWESOME! Crafty lady! I just started meal planning. Not going great. Already off the grid.
    I am posting mine this week.


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