18 December 2009

Oops! I forgot.

I just bought the most amazing PDF file from Twig & Thistle's's etsy shop.  


Because it was cute, cheap, and it never fails that I always forget a little something for someone somewhere along the line during the holidays.  Not a gift, per say, just a little somethin' somethin'.  For a party hostess, a great-aunt, a neighbor.  You get the idea. 

I have a box of unbreakable ball ornaments I got for 90% off last year and tons of ribbon (because I'm a ribbon floozy), so I'll make a big sack of them and keep them on hand for those, "Oops, I forgot" moments. 

photo from 'twig & thistle'

photo from 'twig & thistle'

The other thing I really like about this PDF is that it's black, so you can print it on, virtually, any color of cardstock.  I'm envisioning some unlikely Chirstmas combos.  I love the unexpected. 

Aren't they sophisticated cool? 

I love them, and it just reinforces my philosophy, "It's all in the details, and that doesn't mean expensive". 

Peace out, girl scouts!

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