20 December 2009

These kids got mad style.

I have never been prouder of my childrens' choices in footwear than I was yesterday. 

These crazy kids are really developing their own sense of style and it's fantastic. 

Don't believe me?

See for yourself...

They'll be kickin' it old school for awhile.

Wowza, they never cease to amaze me.

And, because I know someone out there will wonder...

Rosie did not get new shoes, because she is an Ugg girl through and through.

Luckily, in the summer months, she prefers 'fwip-fwops'.


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  1. oooooo! lovin' all of those suckers, especially jakey's. and, tell ro it's ok. i prefer uggs (and, fwip-fwops a matter of fact) too!


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