16 December 2009

Holiday happenings.

Today, Betsy handed out gifts to her teachers and therapists.  Tomorrow, her bus drivers will receive their gifts from her.  Then, on friday the boys will pass out gifts to their teachers and bus driver.  Personally, I think it's these individuals who deserve $1000 cash for Chirstmas, but the budget just won't allow it. 

That being said, I still wish to honor teachers/bus drivers with a small token of appreciation.  Being a speech and language implementor in schools for a couple of years (before the kiddos), I am well versed in all of the stuff given at this time of year.  WELL versed. 

Although, it's not much, I always try to include a $5 gift card to somewhere...Panera Bread Co., Steak-n-Shake, or Target.  I also try to include something handmade.  Usually, it's chocolate covered Oreos, or vanilla bean cupcakes, but this year it's key fobs as seen here with supplies purchased here

I know it's not much, but along with the gift card, I try to choose things that you can either eat or that are useful.  And, let's face it, those key fobs are pretty darn scrumptious if I do say so myself. 

I've also been working on an embellished shirt for myself to wear on Christmas Eve.  I am trying to refine my ruffles and fabric/ribbon flowers.  It's going, um, uh...okay.  I looooove J.Crew embellished tees, but just can't justify paying J.Crew prices unless it's one of their super sales.  Sadly, it's not one of those times of year. 

I am happy to report that my parents' gifts are DONE!  Since we didn't get our family photos taken, my sister and I had to kick it in gear and think of what to get them.  They are the HARDEST people to shop for.  They never really want anything, and since they don't ever want much, when they do have a hankerin' for something they just buy it for themselves.  See?  Tough cookies.  We bought my momma some tickets to see 'Chicago' (which she already knows about).  For our pops, I decided to work on a lil' somethin' on behalf of both my sister and I.  I cannot reveal what, but I will tell you it involves this guy...

...my father's beloved.  His airedale, Griffin.  The third & favorite child.

Finally, I would like to share a BIG project I recently finished.  Literally, BIG!

This is the window of my in-laws' automotive shop, J & W Automotive (where Big Jake thinks he's the boss).  It was the first time I've done something like this, and I'm pleased with the results.  Incidentally, my husband made the executive decision to have it say 'Merry Christmas', and NOT 'Happy Holidays'.  Nice!  That's why I love him.

I only have a few more sewing projects, and then it's time to wrap until my hands bleed.  I can't wait. 

Only 9 more days!


  1. Hey Beth
    You have a kind and generous heart! I always chip in for teachers gifts but you have really gone all the way. You say it isn't much but I know you spent a lot of time and thought on them!
    I just posted some painting we did on a glass door at home, but yours is huge! You did a great job on it!:)

  2. Love, Love, love...all your creative goodies...and THAT window! AWESOME!!!
    I'm off to wrap too!!!

  3. Absolutely love them and love the packaging. And awesome job on the window.

  4. Everything is fabulous, especially the wrapping and that window -- to die for! Love it :)


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