03 November 2009

Another room & some other stuff: done.

Okay, bear with me.  This is the last of the house for awhile. 
Betsy's room isn't quite done, so I just included photos of her bed. 
The basement still needs tweeking, but the boys room is nearly complete.

We still need to add the frosted plexi-glass (I doodled a bit on the photos to give you the overall effect once it's added) to the old door that I found in someone's garbage. 
That door is my favorite part of the WHOLE basement. 
We put it on sliders to give it extra cool points. 
It's radical!



I, really, just reused all of the boys junk from their upstairs room downstairs. 
The curtain panels covering their closet are about the only thing I had to make. 

Betsy's bed was inspired by the one made here by her.
Bets's headboard is a door from the same haul as the
old door in the basement.
Ashley has the most amazing DIYs on her blog.
Bonus:  it is chock full of beautiful photographs, too. 

Can anyone tell me why blogger is putting all of my sidebar
info. at the bottom of the post side?
It does this intermittently
and is driving me CRAZY!


  1. wow, you have some serious decorating talent! I love the boys room, the chalkboard, the curtain/divider?, the bed platform, it is all genius!!

  2. you have AMAZING decorating skills, I am in love with your home!! Adopt me?? lol!


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