03 September 2009

2 tidbits.

In honor of the Duggar's 19th bun-in-the-oven...
I am making Duggar Tater Tot Casserole tonight for dinner.
Not the healthiest thing to have (by far), but quick, easy, and tasty.


1 lb ground turkey cooked, seasoned, drained

1 & 1/2 2lb bags tater tots (3lbs. total)

1 cans cream of mushroom

1 cans evaporated milk

1 cans cream of chicken

Brown meat & place in large casserole dish. Cover with tater tots. Mix soup & milk together. Pour over top. Bake at 350 for 1 Hour. (One of Jim Bib’s Favorites!) Makes 1- 9”X13” pan

Yesterday, Rosie pleaded to go in the back before I was ready to go with her. I, obliged, because I was unloading/loading the dishwasher and could see her from the door. She DID take a quilt and throw pillow out with her, but I just figured she would put it in the 'trunk' of her cozy coupe. Boy, was I wrong. I spied on her until she seemed settled into what she was doing. And, after 5 minutes time, this was the scene...

She is, without a doubt, my kookiest kid. She makes me laugh.

1 more day 'til a 3 day weekend!


  1. may not be a "healthy" dinner...but YUM!! and I love that little grin...too cute!

  2. I agree, it was the perfect day to lay outside naked....GO Ro


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