02 September 2009

Wisecracks & Kyrptonite.

Have you ever said something that you knew, without a doubt or sideways glance, was hysterical? Assured yourself that your wit mojo was in full effect for a brief moment in space and time? Is there a particular person who is a mirror of your humor? Someone you can always use as your measure of how successful your wordplay is?

For me, that person is my dad. He is a hard-nosed, stern-faced, stoic sort. But, man, can I tickle his ribs made of stone. He tries not to laugh at my raillery, my gallery of drollery, but the old man can't help it. I can crack that guy like a thin shelled egg at a shooting range.

But, who am I kidding? That little girl in the photo below would be much better kryptonite for my pop's enemies than my lil' ole satirical mind. She gets to him waaaay more than my smart mouth. I say, more power to her. It's about time he met his match.


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