04 September 2009

Smart kinda stupid.

Sometimes, smart people do stupid, silly things.

I've always considered myself on the smarter side of the scale. Blessed genetically with a good dose of common sense and an above average panache for the books. I mean, hello, I got a 36 on the ACT. Okay, that was a bold faced lie. I really got a 27, a nice score, but nothing about it screams genius.

Incidentally, do they even take the ACT in the mid-west anymore? Isn't the SAT the new standard. Which, by the way, I got a 2400 on. Okay, another out and out lie. I never needed it for the schools I applied to.

I am, totally, avoiding the point of this post. Mainly, because I am going to admit (gulp) that I am...oh, my...here goes...wrong about something.

Anywho, with a certain level of intelligence comes a certain level of expectations. Expectations from yourself, from others. Sometimes it stinks. When you step outta line, it's noticed and it doesn't go unpunished. And, yes, sometimes I step out of line. Waaaaaaaaay out of line.

Recently, I did. Lesson learned. Restraint is always best, and often times speaks louder than hateful words. I don't apologize for how I feel, necessarily, but I do, publicly, here and now, apologize for the way in which I went about articulating my feelings. It was stupid, silly, rash, and could have been handled with so much more grace.

Anger makes us do really dumb things. It brings out the ignorance in us. It is really a wasted emotion, and one, that as far as I can tell, none of us can rise above. I have never hated anyone, and hope that I never do. What a terrible thing to have to feel. Anger is bad enough, but hate? Geesh!

Here, on this blog, I am at my most sincere. I say what I feel and feel what I say. God made us dynamic like that. What a Guy!

Bottom line, I was wrong in how I handled this particular situation, and I apologize to everyone involved.

My cousin reminds me of our humanness to persevere in the face of adversity and disaster. She posted a quote from the perfectly imperfect Marylin Monroe in the wake of this family catastrophe, and I must believe it's true. I hope everyone included in this mess does, too, in a positive way...

"...sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." -MM

Peace out!


  1. I think we all do these things once in awhile...the things that make you cringe and think how much better you could have handled something IF ONLY. The biggest thing is admitting it...that's hard!
    Love the header!


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