17 May 2009

Put the sign in the yard.

Okay, so...

Big Jake and I have made an executive decision for the Grebe corporation, we cannot leave the school district/area we live in. As wonderful as it would be to move into a brand spankin' new house, we don't want to sacrifice schools and territory.

Where does that leave us then?

We still think it is probably the time for us to be movin' on. I think this makes my parents cringe. They probably hate all of the updates we've made to this house, which has left little in the bank, but we aren't my parents. We have our own lessons to learn and our own mistakes to make. Most of you would wonder why I care what my folks think, but I value their opinion, especially when it comes to real estate. They have made great decisions in that arena, and now, live in an incredible home that would probably have been out of their reach, had they not done what they have, financially speaking, along the way. Let's just say, that for a retired cop and a career secretary, they have one he** of a crib.

Anywho, if all goes as planned, I think the 'for sale' sign is going in the yard within a month's time. It is exciting, nauseating, scary, fun, sad, all kinds of stuff. Assuming we get what we want out of our house, in this suck-big-butt economy, we have crunched the numbers, and will be able to buy much "more" house than we ever thought possible. Working with one income is always a challenge, but it is important to us that I stay home with the kiddies until they are in school. It's better that I screw them up, rather than someone else.

Now, the work begins. Looking, trying to sell, and hopefully, not having my heart broken along the way. We'll see. And, until something good pans out, I promise (cross my heart) not to bore the poo out of you with house/moving stories.

And, yes, Daddy, start collecting boxes!


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  1. Oh much luck on selling your house:) It is allways such a big project to undertake and with four little ones a huge job. If this will give you more room then go for it. Good luck and please post pictures of your home after seeing the bedroom I would love to see more:) Have a wonderful week!!


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