15 May 2009

Lots o'lots!

My sister and I drove around Maxville Gardens, again, today. I am even more in love. Jake is on board, too. Which is always good. I love the location, I love the homes, I love lots of the lots (he, he). Love, love, love. We scoped out plots and I found my favorite. It is a corner lot, and both streets it is on the corner of end in a cul-de-sac. There are also several other level lots in the neighborhood, and one in the original development, Tenbrook Estates, that I would highly consider. But, I'm rootin' for numero 28.

Above, are some of the other nice level lots, and these are IN a cul-de-sac. The only problem is the massive retaining wall at the back of the property line. What do you think? It is pretty stone and all, but I'm just not sure. The only upside is that you wouldn't have to stare at the back of someone else's house. And, nothing could ever be built behind you. Give me your thoughts!



  1. I checked again this morning to see if you posted if you won the small room contest. Anyway, right now I am house shopping with my sister. Several homes that have come up back to the walls on 55 or 270. She ruled them out without walking through them just for that reason. Years from now (cause I think this is your "my kids all grew up in this home" house) it might be harder to sell. I say go for another lot if you have the choice.

    Mrs. J

  2. the upside is the wall only runs upto another street in the subdivision, but still...i hear what you're saying! :)


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