14 May 2009

Maxville Gardens...home?

So, we found this new housing development, Maxville Gardens, the other day through my momma's boss, Miss Tina, Now, in my former life, I was not fond of such communities. Of course, that distaste was born out of not having an established family of my own, and thinking that one day I could by a 100-year-old charmer in Webster Groves (a hip suburb of St.Louis chock full of older, beauties) and completely rehab it without a second thought of what it would cost or how long it would take. Geez, that was a looooooong time ago!

Now, when the subject of moving comes up, all I'm asking for is a pocket of nice homes with lots of kids, fun parents, a Target, and a grocery store. As far as the house goes, 2+ bathrooms, big closets, 2-car garage, main floor laundry, and one big open space for living. That's it. If it's new, and cookie-cutter...so be it! If it's affordable, and fits every other criteria, stick a 'for sale' sign in my yard and call me done.

I can't get the above two homes out of mind. For the past 7 hours, it's all I can think about. Oh, how it would change our lives. New part of town, new schools, new friends, new life. I'm not going to lie, it excites me. I love my house, but, walk-in closets? C'mon! Sure, it's a terrible time to sell a house, but if ours doesn't sell, then we don't move. Simple as that! If it does, then all 6 of us move in with my mom, while my dad is in Afghanistan for 4-6 months, while our new house is getting built. Duh!

Ahhhhhhh, what to do, what to do?!

Anywho, like I said, I've only been thinking on this for 7 hours, but something about it all feels good!
Movin' on up!


  1. i want to move really bad, but while the economy sucks... Michigan's economy sucks even more :( plus with the hubby out of a job well that means no one would give us a loan! I would love to move to the town that we will be sending our kids to school. I guess for now I will just have to drive them!

    Oh and I did vote for your kids bedroom yesterday... I just never told you :)

  2. don't move to arnold honey

  3. i know that's you meghan! but, just consider that i would've said that to you about fenton when you all moved out there, and now look!

  4. ps think of what has happened to arnold in the last 5 years. again, just like fenton! seriously, we used to brutalize the kids at lindbergh that lived in fenton.

  5. Keep in mind all the snow days. There have been at least 10 days in the past two years that I have been able to drive Ms. Kayla to school and make it downtown to work without a problem, but Fox has closed. If you plan on going back to work someday, have a good back-up plan or tons of flex hours!

    Mrs. Jarrett

  6. thought about that...jake works at tesson ferry and 270, and i plan on working in fox district. until then, i will be probably babysitting girls that will be living in that neighborhood, and i could walk to dierbergs. not a problem!


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