12 May 2009

I'm posted, I'm posted, I'm really, really, posted!

Okay, all...

The boys' room has been selected as a post, here, in ohdeedoh's "smaller, cooler" contest. Puuuuuuuh-leeeeeeez, vote for us. We would love you forever, and ever, and ever. Now, I am warning you now, that you have to register (if you aren't already), but it, literally, takes 10 seconds! Then feel free to give me a ginormous thumbs up!

See, isn't that simple. And, if I make it to the semi-finals, I will personally arrive at your door with a homemade apple pie, straight from the oven.* Now, doesn't that sound like a sweet deal!

*some restrictions apply.

PS I'm going to make you feel really sorry for me...I've never won anything in my whole life. Not even Valentine's Bingo in elementary school. Now, don't you wanna help me out?


You can also access the post from Apartment Therapy, here,

which is just double cool!


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