18 May 2009

Lil' Jake's 1st Holy Communion.

Any Catholic knows that the sacraments are a big dealio. First Holy Communion is a REALLY big deal for Catholics. It is a rite of passage in the church. It's like going from little kid, cry-room status, to big kid, too cool for Sunday school status. Jake made his First Holy Communion on Saturday, May 9th. It was such a great day. The weather was beautiful, he looked so handsome. Not to mention, how excited he was. It was a fantabulous day. At his reception at our house, we also had a candy and dessert buffet to honor, not only him, but Betsy's accomplishment of receiving the Rosemary Zander Award. Fun, fun, fun!

Congrats, Jake!


  1. that was a very fun day! and mr. jakey did look very handsome in his communion duds!
    here's to wishing none of the other little catholics in our lives ever get big enough to make their first communion... i know, it's wishful thinking!

  2. Lovin' that fabric bunting! Where did you get that? ;)


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