24 February 2009

Tutu fabulous.

I love etsy, but sometimes the things that I like I am determined to make myself. It is self-gratifying and easier on the pocket book.

Lil' Ro's birthday party is Saturday morning at Build-a-Bear Workshop, and I wanted her to look like an urban princess. I am pleased with the results. Rosie thinks that the Tutu Fairies have bestowed one of their greatest gifts onto her. It's a win, win.

Now, I just have to finish the applique.

I was pretty confident that I knew how to assemble the tutu, but I did lean on the detailed instructions from DesignMom.com, here, just to be sure. So, I hope you enjoy, and I will post pics of Betsy's digs when they're finished. She has to look glam, too.

Happy tutu making!

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  1. Beth! These are so great! I need to make a tutu for my niece. She'd love that! How fun. I love the shirt too! Great job!!


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