25 February 2009

Bad. Good.

I picked up dog poop today.
I hate that job, but I love my pups.
But, I still hate that job.
It could have very well ruined my day.
But then,
I got my license renewed, and the picture turned out pretty good.
So, it is hard to let a little dog poop bring me down.
Plus, the weather was awesome today, and the kids got to play outside.

it's Jake's 32nd birthday!
Lasagna and chocolate cake with raspberry sauce.

image from smeatherscakes.com

Happy Birthday, good man!

I love you!



  1. you're sooo proud of that stupid license... i had a good license picture too once... HA!

  2. Don't you jsut LOVE a good picture on your license!!!!!! It is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mrs. Lewis


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