03 January 2009

random musings.

First off, I would like to discuss commenting. Bloggers are narcissistic, self-centered, ego-maniacs, who only do this to let people know how freakin' awesome we are. Okay, so not really, (I am sure, by now, you all know how completely un-awesome I am, and sometimes I don't wear deodorant, only because I forget, not because I like to inflict cruel and unusual punishment onto unsuspecting citizens) but it is nice to get a few scattered comments concerning posts. Even if you loathe me, or are fuming from something I've written, you should comment. I love a friendly argument.

Commenting is super easy. If you can log onto a computer, or check your e-mail, I am certain you can figure out how to comment. I, then, read the comment, and it if it is appropriate, meaning, less than two/three curse words, contains no personal information, free of triple-X content, I publish it. I do not moderate comments to weed out the negative ones. I will freely publish the negative comments if they fit the above criteria. I simply moderate to keep the weirdos and rated R stuff at bay.

Okay, second, I just want to rant about how I have a complete and utter disregard for psycho after-Christmas, Christmas decoration/wrapping, shoppers. I myself indulge in the 75% off bounty, but seriously, I am not going to cat-fight with some middle-aged, ash-tray smellin', peroxide haired woman over a $.78 NASCAR ornament. You want it lady, it's yours. You can kiss my grits.

And the next time a little 4-year-old girl, who clearly has no verbal skills, aside from squeals and grunts, grabs your cart in a very innocent 'does your cart want to be my cart's friend?' way, don't give the mother of said girl a dirty look, or roll your eyes at the little girl. Because I assure you, neither of us wants those broken-up, artificially flavored and colored, iced cookies you were high-tailin' it to. Go ahead, and give you grandkids year-old chemicals in their stockings next Christmas. I mean, you saved $2.36, right? Would it kill you to bake up some Toll House, or be nice? Either would do?

Whew, okay, I'm done!
See 'ya Monday!


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