02 January 2009

The dogs have it.

Mr. Teddy Grebe

Okay, so not a life-long commitment, but a good 16 years, for sure. You have to feed them, pick up their poo, give them adequate medical care, love them, cuddle them, exercise them, and basically, keep a spot in your heart reserved just for them.

I recently saw a public service announcement, featuring the author of 'Marley and Me', John Grogan. The first thing he says is something like, "Dogs. They are so cute, until they're not." I think many of us get swept away in the cuteness of those little fur balls when they're newbies, and don't think about the aftermath; not being able to jaunt off to where-ever you want whenever you want, having a chewed couch or table or favorite pair of shoes (and they cannot determine Keds from Manolos, people), a ruined rug saturated in pee-pee, shedded fur in places you would rather not have fur. In a nutshell, if any of those things would bother you, YOU DO NOT NEED A DOG! Additionally, if you cannot be responsible enough to buy food in a timely manner or take them to the vet, so at the very least, their vaccinations are current, or love them enough to not leave them for more than 6-8 hours at a time, YOU DO NOT NEED A DOG!

The rewards of pet ownership are numerous, to be sure. Dogs give you a love that is unconditional, and loyal, and pure. Like any relationship, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Even if their breath smells like butt, they will want to kiss you and love you and make you happy. So, if kisses from a butt-smellin' mouth make you nauseous, then, YOU DO NOT NEED A DOG!

Incidentally, my long-time friend, Stephani, has a blog all about dogs and the stray epidemic, St .Louis Dogs. It is chock full of ways you can help. It is geared to those that live in the St. Louis area, but it is still an interesting read. Check out her musings on the 'Black Dog Syndrome' here.

FYI Jake and I have had three dogs during our marriage. Tragically, our golden retriever, Mabel, died at the groomer in 2003. She had a seizure and strangled herself on the lead. Since we didn't want Teddy to be our only canine child, we acquired Chopper. Teddy is a chow-retriever mix, and Chopper is a miniature schnauzer. They are GREAT dogs! I can't imagine life without them.


  1. you forgot the part about dogs are pack animals and need to be part of a pack ie: your family. this does not include leaving the dog outside it's entire life while the rest of the "pack" are all snuggly in the house.

  2. so true, jilly bean, so true

  3. I have 3 dogs. . .not by choice, but by chance. One is a "problem child" who doesn't like my husband and pees if you say anything in a harsh voice. She also thinks carpet = grass. People tell me to get rid of her, but I can't. I know her bad habits and can deal with them. As much trouble as she is, I feel like someone else won't be as forgiving to her and she would be abused in another home, so we keep her. Dogs are a responsibility, not a fashion accessory to be changed out with the trends.

  4. Thanks for shout out Beth! It's called "adoption" for a reason. You're adopting a dog, not just buying something you can throw out when you don't want it anymore.

  5. left via e-mail by my dad:

    hey; hey you did not say anything about the relationship bets has with mr ted. also that in your extended family group; your sister has two dogs and your parents have three. did you know that my griffin has received a letter of appreciation from the army reserve commanding general. i submitted griffin's name as a major contributor to me being able to perform my military duties while deployed without worry on the home front.


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