01 January 2009

the long and too long of it.

what do all of these pictures have in common?

these women are sporting inseams that are way too long.

We all know of my strong aversion to jeans or pants that are too short, but did you know that I have the same distaste for trousers that are too long.

A simple, straight stitch on any sewing machine can cure this problem, but if sewing isn't your thing (and if your sportin' pants this long, I'm guessing it isn't), there are other, simpler things you can do.

First, we have seam binding. My favorite is Steam-a-Seam. You will need an iron. But, other than that, not many brain cells are involved.

Second, but less permanent, we have heavy-duty, double-sided tape. This is more of an 'as needed' fix.

Finally, there is 'zakkerz'. This is a newer product that allows you to change the length of your pants, at will, through the use of powerful magnets. It sounds super scientific and overwhelming, but I assure you, after visiting their website, I don't think it could get any easier.
ps I know that some of you may be thinking, "But, Beth, some of those gals you have pictured are celebrities (Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie, & J. Lo.). They pay people big bucks to get them dressed. How can they get it wrong? Pants that are too long must be in style, right?"

And, you are partly right. They do pay people to dress them. However, those said people don't always get it right, and sometimes famous people go against all stylists' advice.

Need I say more?
pps All of these pictures were found by Googling 'jeans worn too long'. I'm totally NOT kidding!


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