04 January 2009

I wish my heart was in it.

The kindergartners at our elementary school make hug pillows for local hospitals' heart surgery patients every year. Each child gets to decorate one and pick the fabric for the back. It is really cute. I volunteered months ago to sew up the 3 inch opening left after they had all been stuffed. Now that it is that time, I feel like I want to take a long walk off of a short pier. I love helping out a good cause, and it will, literally, take me about 20 minutes to whip those puppies out on my machine, but I am just starting to feel better after that virus ambushed me, and my house looks like the boys from 'Lord of the Flies' were in charge here the last few days. Sure, there are no boars' heads on stakes anywhere near, but when I walk on the kitchen floor, I hear crunching noises. That's never good. Jake's done a great job helping out, but men just have different priorities than we do.

Enough complaining. I am going to finish beds, dust, vacuum, and then sew up some love.

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